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True success in the consulting and private chef industry isn’t just about stating qualifications—it's about validated experience and proven skills. While individual effort is valuable, collective passion drives us further. Explore our world and be part of our story.

Meet the Culinary Maestros

Barbecue by Chef Iosif Giannitsopoulos
The Symphony of Flavors in the Making

Our consulting team is composed of seasoned professionals, each with a wealth of experience. While each member brings unique strengths to the table, together we ensure every aspect of a plan is catered for. We not only operate with efficiency but also with genuine passion and dedication. Our mission? To provide unparalleled organizational and consulting services, fostering enduring partnerships.

Apostolos Kritselis - Chef de cuisine

Apostolos Kritselis

Chef de Cuisine

Boasting over a decade in private services, Apostolos has showcased his culinary finesse in yachts and villas spanning regions from Morocco and the Caribbean Islands to Cannes and Greece.

Spyros Markantonatos - Chef de cuisine

Spyros Markantonatos

Chef de Cuisine

For Spyros, life revolves around the culinary arts, with an unwavering attention to detail. His impressive career extends beyond 17 years, having helmed kitchens in renowned establishments like Pefkaki Boutique, Aeonic Suites Mykonos, and Ouzo Melathron.

Makis Yordamis - Project Leader at fnb.gr

Makis Yordamis

Project Leader at fnb.gr

With over two decades of experience, Makis, a seasoned Hotel Manager, and Food and beverage Director, has left his mark in top establishments across Greece, the Bahamas, Cyprus, and Dubai.

Sushi Chef - Shabbir Hossain

Shabbir Hossain

Sushi Chef

Shabbir’s dedication is palpable in every sushi roll. His love for Asian cuisine, backed by over a decade of experience, has been showcased in prestigious locations like Athens, Radisson Hotels, Mykonos, and Nammos Dubai.

We don’t just dish out meals; we curate culinary journeys. Marrying rich ambiance, intense flavors, and impeccable presentation, we compose a feast for the senses.

Join Our Culinary Ensemble

We believe in continuous growth and innovation. If you’re driven by passion, have a keen desire to evolve, and aim to serve with love and dedication, then you’re our kind of person. Let’s step forward together. Embark on a journey with us, filled with gastronomic showcases and intriguing concepts.

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