Chef Iosif Giannitsopoulos
A Journey in Flavors

Step into the world of Chef Iosif Giannitsopoulos, a culinary virtuoso driven by an unrelenting passion to deliver excellence. Brimming with a repertoire that spans more than two decades, Chef Iosif Giannitsopoulos is dedicated to presenting you with the finest gastronomic possibilities. His menus cater to every palate, ranging from the ethereal flavors of vegan delicacies to the artistry of "degustation", the allure of pescatarian feasts, the sizzle of succulent steaks, the purity of bio-conscious creations, the comfort of family-style fare, and the grandeur of lavish buffets.

Journeying Through Flavors with Chef Iosif Giannitsopoulos

Join us for an engaging video where Chef Iosif Giannitsopoulos narrates his culinary journey. This immersive experience is designed to connect you intimately with his story, offering a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between you and the maestro himself. Hailing from three different countries across two continents, the Chef invites you to embrace his contemporary and refined perspective on gastronomy.

Chef Iosif Giannitsopoulos shares his flavorful story

Inception: The Roots of the Journey

Unveiling the Origin

Every remarkable journey has a modest beginning, and so does the story of Iosif Giannitsopoulos…

Born in the vibrant city of Caracas, Venezuela, to a Spanish father and a Greek mother, Iosif Giannitsopoulos was destined for greatness from an early age. Even as a child, he showed an innate affinity for the world of creativity. Following his completion of Accounting studies at the American Academy in Venezuela, fate beckoned him at the tender age of 15 to Greece, igniting the spark of his culinary expedition.

It was in the year 2003 that his culinary voyage commenced, stepping into the role of a cook. Each experience, each culinary endeavor, was a brushstroke in the masterpiece he was crafting. At a tender age of 24, he grasped the helm of leadership, taking over the iconic Colazione & Al dente restaurants in Patras. This marked a turning point, the dawn of a road that stretched toward countless horizons.

Culinary Expert - Chef Iosif Giannitsopoulos

Driven by an insatiable thirst for new encounters, destiny orchestrated a meeting in 2015 that would shape his path further. An encounter with SWOT Hospitality’s CEO, Christos Konstantinidis and his son Giorgos Konstantinidis, led to a pivotal collaboration. At the age of 28, Iosif embraced the role of executive chef at the prestigious Micra Anglia Deluxe Boutique, a 5-star haven nestled in Andros. This alliance marked the threshold of many more partnerships to come.

His journey was one of crescendos, leading him to helm the kitchen in the esteemed Economou Group and the prestigious 5-star Radisson Blu Hotel Group. Collaborations reached the zenith as he joined hands with Yves Mattagne, a maestro with two Michelin stars, in the revered Bellevue restaurant – a partnership that would claim the TripAdvisor award for the finest dining establishment. He stood as a pillar of innovation as he played a pivotal role in the inaugural overseas launch of the Ikos Resorts in Andalusia and merged talents with Marriott International & Design Hotel.

Thus, the narrative unfurls, a symphony composed by the hands of Chef Iosif Giannitsopoulos, a visionary shaping culinary horizons.

Embracing Spanish Gastronomy: A Journey of Culinary Brilliance

Setting out on a University Quest
Intrigued by the world of gastronomy and attuned to the demands of the market, Chef Iosif Giannitsopoulos embarked on a transformative journey that led him to an unexpected challenge – the University of Barcelona (Universitat de Barcelona). This was his gateway to a whole new gastronomic universe, where, for two years, he had the privilege to immerse himself in an environment guided by the expertise of internationally acclaimed Michelin Star Chefs.

In the Company of Excellence
Under the influence of accomplished chefs – Hideki Matsuhisa with one Michelin star, and David Gil and Paco Roncero each adorned with two – Chef Iosif Giannitsopoulos launched into an odyssey marked by innovation, precision, and a commitment to gastronomic mastery.

Embracing the Pinnacle
Guided by the brilliance of three Michelin-starred luminaries like Ferran Adrià, Quique Dacosta, Dani Garcia, Martin Berasategui, Jordi Roca, Paco Perez, Romain Fornell, and Fina Puigdevall, Chef Iosif’s culinary path transcended ordinary boundaries. Their influence ignited his creative spirit, fostering a fusion of flavors, techniques, and a relentless pursuit of culinary excellence.

Elevating Expertise through Dedication
These culinary maestros instilled in Chef Iosif Giannitsopoulos a dedication to his craft. His relentless participation in high-level seminars nurtured his abilities, harmonizing flavors and perfecting his techniques.

A Vision to Share
Chef Iosif’s philosophy reveres exceptional ingredients, enriching local cuisine with contemporary techniques. Each dish he designs, every project he undertakes, is a testament to his commitment to sharing his experiences, while embracing individual preferences and desires.

Within this narrative of passion and precision, each dish is an expression of artistry, each project a testament to dedication, and each endeavor an ode to the remarkable world of gastronomy.

Chef Iosif Giannitsopoulos preparing a dish
Culinary artistry unveiled: Iosif Giannitsopoulos, the Executive Chef, shares his passion for impeccable service and intricately crafted combinations, drawing inspiration from the world of fine dining gastronomy.

The Ongoing Culinary Voyage

Witness the remarkable evolution of Chef Iosif’s culinary journey, a tale of transformation and achievement across diverse culinary roles.

In the sun-soaked embrace of Mykonos Island, he assumes the mantle of a Private Chef, crafting personalized gastronomic experiences. His influence extends widely across Greece as a distinguished Consultant Chef for numerous esteemed hotels and restaurants. For the past three years, he has been a guiding force within the Uptown Square group, channeling excellence into venues like Chester Bar & Restaurant, Malindi Beach Bar Restaurant, Chi Restaurant, eStilo Tapas Bar, and Zen Room Restaurant. Further afield, his touch shapes Uptown catering, orchestrating seamless services catering to over 2500 guests in Limassol.

Under his guidance, Zen Room garnered the title of the best Japanese restaurant for two consecutive years, while Chester Bar & Restaurant rose as the preeminent steak house in Limassol within its category. Beyond these accomplishments, his reach extended to an esteemed partnership with Nammos of Dubai, commemorating anniversaries, and culminating in a prestigious role as Private Chef for the illustrious King of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman.

The path blazed by Iosif Giannitsopoulos continues to unfold, an ongoing saga of culinary innovation and excellence.

Chef preparing a fish
Awarded by GTBB Chef Iosif Giannitsopoulos

The Prestigious Award

Iosif Giannitsopoulos recently achieved a remarkable milestone by being awarded the prestigious “Gold Medal of Honor” by Greek Taste Beyond Borders® (GTBB).

This award not only cements his status as a leading figure in the culinary world but also highlights his innovative approach to blending traditional Greek flavors with contemporary techniques.

Yet, Iosif’s gastronomic repertoire extends beyond the Greek kitchen, embracing the rich flavors and techniques of Spanish gastronomy. This fusion has played a pivotal role in promoting a deeper understanding and appreciation of Mediterranean culinary heritage.

Iosif’s recognition by Greek Taste Beyond Borders® is a salute to his relentless pursuit of culinary excellence and his contribution to bringing diverse culinary cultures to the forefront of the global dining experience.